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League Championship Series Predictions
I'm not sure if I should pat myself on the back for the vision to get two of the four divisional series outcomes correct or just attribute my success rate to chance. Whatever the effect, I'm willing to step up to the tee for the Balls, Sticks, & Stuff Official League Championship Series Predictions:

Houston Astros - St. Louis Cardinals
Prediction - Cardinals win in six.
The Logic - The Cardinals have been both mashing and playing great team baseball all year, and have had a few extra days to get their pitching staff lined-up for the series, whereas Houston will have to put things together on the fly after the Braves took them to a game 5. Also, I am predicting a similar emotional let-down for the Astros to what I predicted for them entering the playoffs in the first place.
Best Reason to Watch - Roy Oswalt and Roger Clemens will test the adage "good pitching beats good hitting" when they try to navigate their way through Walt Jocketty's fantasy baseball lineup.

Boston Red Sox - New York Yankees
Prediction - Yankees win in seven.
The Logic - The Sox have better pitching, better offense, possibly a better defense, and are definitely more fun to watch. But it is still the Yankees and the Red Sox. You can say the Red Sox will find a way to lose or the Yankees will find a way to win, but at any rate, those are two reasons why the Yankees will advance.
Best Reason to Watch - Take your pick from The Curse, The Don Zimmer Incident, The Varitek vs. A-Rod Incident ("we don't throw at .260 hitters"), Petey after 100 pitches, Yogi-isms, Manny-isms, "Jeter Swallows" bumper stickers, Teddy Ballgame's frozen head, Mickey Mantle's swollen liver, Monument Park, Yawkey Way, Big Stein, and the Monstah.

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