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Do Not Adjust Your Monitor
As I watched all seventeen hours of Game 5 of the ALCS in my study/office/second guest bedroom, I realized that the green of the weblog was exactly the same color as the green in the room. I had two choices: (1) leave the room or (2) change the blog layout. Since leaving the room was not an option (c'mon Big Papi!) I decided to tweak the ol' blog. Hopefully this is a cleaner look and a bit easier to read. Feedback is always welcome, so if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to sound off.

Speaking of feedback, the email address for Balls, Sticks, & Stuff has changed from a Yahoo account to a Gmail account. I've been using Gmail for a couple of weeks now and I highly recommend it. If you would like an invite, drop me an email.

Again, speaking of feedback, (read this sentence in your cheesiest DJ voice): J. Michael Weitzel of Virginville has a request for something other than the Badlees on the sidebar. I'll leave the Badlees up there, because no one outside of Pennsyltuckey has any idea who they are, but I'll add a local musician from the Richmond area, Jason Mraz, who has described his music as being similar to another Virginia fave, Brunswick stew. It's impossible not to like his stuff, if you haven't already obtained one of his CD's, do so now.

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