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Bowa Postmortem Ad Pukem
"Bowa Fires Back"... the headline in today's Philadelphia Inquirer. Todd Zolecki summarizes the interview L-Bo gave to WCAU-TV (Channel 10), and so here is an excerpt of the excerpt:
Larry Bowa said the Phillies deceived him.

Bowa, fired Saturday after nearly four seasons as Phillies manager, said in an interview with WCAU-TV (Channel 10) yesterday that he believes the Phillies had made up their minds to fire him before the season started, if they failed to make the postseason.

"No matter who was available, who was unavailable, who had good years, who had bad years, I think they made a decision that if they don't get to the playoffs, they are going to make a change," Bowa said.

"The other thing was at the end of August when a certain writer had something in there that I definitely wasn't coming back. I literally talked to [general manager] Ed [Wade] and he told me they hadn't made up their mind. And from that day on, we went 21-9, so I don't know what changed from that day except we played real good for the last 30 games."
Is that so wrong? To make up your mind that your manager gets one more try to get a team to the post-season? If Bowa is right - we don't know for a fact that Phillies brass had this attitude entering the season - then the Phillies probably should have told him so entering the season. The case can be made that the Phillies management did not handle the firing well (though it is hard to be sure because only two people, Wade and Bowa know 100% of the information), but every day, all across America, employees are given one more chance by their employers.

No matter where you come down on the Bowa-issue, you probably can't quabble with the other statements quoted by Zolecki. And, Larry (I'm tired of typing Bowa) even said something I couldn't agree with more:
"If they want to make a change and think they can get where they want to go, that's fine. That happens in baseball all the time. The only thing I say is if you're going to make a change, you better win the division next year because we came in second. We came in second, and if you are going to make a change, you better take the next step and win the division."
Even More Time of the 'Equal' Variety
In yesterday's post, I referred to Perpetual Off Night, written by someone on the "Bowa Was Framed" side of the arguement. Today, he responds.

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