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Remember, This is the NFL
If you are an Eagles fan, this has been a great week. Monday night, the Eagles went to 2-0 on the season, their best start since 1993 and scanning the headlines of the Philly-area papers, its only a matter of time before names like "Andy Reid Karlewski" and "Donovan McNabb Carminetti" begin to pop up in newborn hopsital wards across the tri-state area. A few examples from Wednesday's headlines:

  • "Is this Offense Eagles' Best Ever?"
  • "A Blessing and a Kearse"
  • "Vermeil's Ghoset Can't Scare Reid"
  • "Eagles Young Cornerbacks Pass Big Test in Moss"
  • "J.R. Paying Off With Big Returns"

  • And there is no doubt the Eagles Phaithful have a lot of evidence to point towards. From the Trenton Times Matt Eckel:

    -- Tight end L.J. Smith's two touchdown catches are more than any other tight end in the NFC.

    -- Kicker David Akers' 16 points are tied for the NFC lead.

    -- Donovan McNabb leads the NFL in quarterback rating (129.4) for the first time in his career.

    -- Wide receiver Terrell Owens' four touchdowns are tied for the NFL lead.

    -- Running back Brian Westbrook's 299 total yards leads the NFC.

    -- Punt returner Reno Mahe's 13.0 yard average leads the NFC.

    -- Kickoff returner J.R. Reed's 27.6 yard average is second in the NFC.

    -- Reid now has 57 wins, which moves him ahead of Dick Vermeil into second place in Eagles history. He is nine wins short of leader Greasy Neale.

    -- Defensive end Jevon Kearse got a lot of deserved credit for his play Monday night, but Walker played his best game in two years.

    -- In two games, the Eagles have nine sacks. They did not record their ninth sack last year until Game 6.
    It's a lot of fun to be impressed by a team after being depressed by a team all summer long. But I can't help but think about an old adage in golf, particularly match play, that says you should always expect your opponent to make his shot. In other words, never let your guard down, or you will end up losing a hole you should have won and that is the way I feel about this weekend's Eagles game against the Detroit Lions. Everyone is picking the Eagles to win, and they should, but this is still the NFL and so the Lions should be taken every bit as seriously this Sunday as the Vikings were Monday night. If the Eagles can do that, they should win handily.

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