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It Could be Worse...
...You could be a New York Mets fan.

First, the Mets trade uber-prospect Scott Kazmir to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for Victor Zambrano, claiming they were getting back into the NL East race. The Mets were in fourth place and seven games behind the Braves at the time, not exactly the type of circumstances you want to trade one of your best young pitching prospects for a wildly erratic 29 year-old starter. And now comes news from Adam Rubin, writing for the New York Daily News, who quotes an unidentified source that says Larry Bowa is interested in becoming the Mets bench coach for 2005. Yet another inside source claims that the Mets are inclined to keep Art Howe, their current manager around for another year, but surround him with "energetic, hands-on" coaches.

If by "energetic" you mean "volcanic" and if by "hands-on" you mean "micro-manager", then my offer from mid-August still stands.

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