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As Thomas Boswell summarizes in today's Washington Post, the District has several reasons to be extremely but cautiously optimistic about The/Les/Los Expos moving to the nation's capital, with an announcement coming soon: (1) city officials have announced the site of a future stadium should the Expos indeed move to Washington,DC, (2) the terms of city councilmen in favor of public financing for baseball will be running out in a matter of weeks, and (3) if RFK stadium is to be used in the interim until a permanent stadium can be built, the window of opportunity to adequately modify the facility for baseball in April is quickly closing. The only significant obstacles remain in the form of Peter Angelos.

Coincidentally I will be in the District this weekend visiting a friend while our wives tour Virginia wine country. Our original plans had been to watch college football on Saturday, NFL football Sunday, a trip to the Smithsonian to see the Baseball Hall of Fame's "Baseball as America" traveling exhibit (last time I was in town we checked out the Spy Museum, which I highly recommend), and of course a few of the requisite pubs. Now, we may have to add in a quick run by the Anacostia riverfront.

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