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Carmella, It's My Busiest Time of the Year
Even though most people choose not to gamble, I think that everyone believes that if they were simply given enough chances, they could beat the house more often than not. Fortunately most people realize that it may take them a whole lot of chances to come out ahead, but in the end, everyone feels that they would come out ahead.

With that in mind I decided to conduct a little experiment and enter an NFL fantasy betting league I surfed across ( Essentially, you are given $1000 of imaginary money to gamble on NFL games using the standard odds from your typical Las Vegas casino sports book. Hopefully, I will crash and burn early in the season because getting enough false confidence to place actual bets would not be good. The Missus/My Chief Financial Officer would not be amused.

Without further ado, my picks for Week 1:
Eagles (-9.5) over the NY Football Giants, $150
Baltimore Ravens (-2.5) over the Cleveland Browns, $100
Tennessee Titans (-2.5) over the Miami Dolphins, $150
Houston Texans (-4.5) over the SD Chargers, $100
My strategy was to stay conservative and treat the season as a marathon and not a sprint, placing bets only on games I felt completely comfortable about for the first week. The results (the house pays out $100 for every $110 bet):
Eagles 31, Giants 17
Ravens 3, Browns 20
Titans 17, 'Phins 7
Texans 20, Chargers 27
Fortunately, I won the larger bets I made and lost only the smaller ones, which puts me in the black for the week. The Ravens/Browns game is the one that really hurt - I thought the Ravens would beat that spread by at least 10 points.

Bankroll entering Week 1: $1000
Bankroll after Week 1: $1072

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