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Can We Survive Grady?!?!
Several weeks ago, I discovered Surviving Grady, a Red Sox blog with the mission statement:
Grady Little should be remembered as the biggest goat this baseball town (Boston) has ever seen.
I've enjoyed reading the blog until tonight, when I read this as they closed out their post:
Gammons predicts Grady Little will coach the Phillies next year.
Immediately I fired off an email to asking where in the world they heard such a thing. To make a horrifying story short, Tom at Surviving Grady (yes, another Tom blogging about baseball, as if Shallow Center, Swing and a Miss, and Balls, Sticks, & Stuff weren't enough) quickly replied that Gammons had thrown it out there on Baseball Tonight last night (Tuesday).

I realize the Pendulum of Managerial Style at the Phillies is swinging towards a laid-back manager, but isn't that a bit too far? This guy was so lethargic he let Pedro talk him into staying in one of the most important games in the team's history after he had just let 5 of 7 batters reach base and was clearly fatigued.

The way their team is playing, the Red Sox Nation may survive Grady Little. Asking Phans to survive even the announcement of the hiring of Grady Little after being asked to survive this season is way too much to ask.

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