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Walt Jocketty's Fantasy Baseball Team
Before the season started, the general consensus was that Walt Jocketty, general manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, had assembled a weak pitching staff for this year's campaign. If the offseason had been a fantasy baseball draft, Jocketty was the guy who takes Jeff Suppan in a middle round. Oh wait, Jocketty is the guy that took Jeff Suppan. And despite everyone's winks and smirks and disbelief (haven't we all at one time made a pick that illicited the awkward moment?), the pick has paid off as the Cardinals are 4th in the majors with a 3.83 ERA (Suppan is 9-6, 4.08).

But Jocketty's team isn't all pitching. The Cardinals have scored more runs (581) than any team in the National League that plays half its games at a reasonable altitude for baseball and have three players in the NL top 10 in RBI, HR, and OPS. But like any good first place fantasy owner, you can never stock your team too much and so today Jocketty did the real-life equivalent of picking up Larry Walker off the waiver wire for his team by picking up Larry Walker off the waiver wire for his team. The Cards everyday lineup will now look something like this:
2B - Tony Womack (.345 OBP, 18 SB)
SS - Edgar Rentaria (.746 OPS, 42 K's in 402 AB's)
1B - Albert Pujols (1.046 OPS, 80 RBI)
3B - Scott Rolen (1.032 OPS, 97 RBI)
CF - Jim Edmonds (1.069 OPS, 79RBI)
RF - Larry Walker (Away .886 OPS 2001-2003, 1.289 in 41 'away' AB's 2004)
LF - Reggie Sanders (.770 OPS, 51 RBI, 88 G)
C - Mike Matheny/Yadier Molina (does it matter?)


Most fantasy baseball teams stop playing at the end of September. Walt Jocketty is tweaking his for October.

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