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Those of you who visit Balls, Sticks, & Stuff with any regularity will notice we've made a few subtle changes to the look and content of the website. As the banner states - "Commentary on sports...and other stuff too" - and most of the changes are related to the "other stuff". I don't intend for the types of posts we make to change, so many of the additions are in the sidebar.

There is a lot of "stuff" out there that we find interesting or notable so I've added "Links to Notable Expositions, Treatises, Incidents, Blurbs & Bull Sessions" to the sidebar, a sort of blog within a blog. "Notables" will link to articles, events, discussions, etc. that have caught our eye but might not necessarily lend themselves to an entire post, at least not at that moment. The blog within a blog will be updated daily.

Scrolling a bit farther down and you will find some of the things I am reading, listening to, or watching, with links to Associates. Feel free to check them out, make a purchase, or make suggestions. Even further down, you will see content placed by Google AdSense. Give 'em a click, because as Tony Soprano says, "I'm just tryin' to put food on the table over here..."

Comments, questions, or suggestions on our additions or any other content? Drop us a line.

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