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Some Dap for the Phils
The Phightins just pulled off their first sweep in San Diego in 17 years, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

With the sweep, the Phils shaved two games in the Wild Card standings, and one in the NL East (do the Braves ever lose?). The Phillies now sit three and 4.5 games out in both races, respectively.

Byrd came up with a pair of huge plays in center to help the cause. That should help ease the sting of his first hitless effort since returning from Scranton.

The bullpen was big as well, surrendering just one run in eight innings of work. Heck, even Roberto Hernandez tossed a scoreless frame.

Unfortunately, the relievers were pressed into duty due to Kevin Millwood lasting only two innings due to elbow stiffness. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Philly needs Randy Wolf to go deep into the game tomorrow night in the series opener against the Dodgers to save the tired arms in the pen.

The Phillies did get good news on another injured pitcher. Vicente Padilla made another rehab start at Scranton. He gave up a grand slam after an error, but things went according to plan otherwise. The team hopes to get him back for the August 10 game against Colorado. If Millwood is alright, that means after Saturday, we can all bid farewell to Paul Abbott.

Pat Burrell is on the DL with a wrist injury and the Phils are considering moving Chase Utley to the outfield if Pat the Bat is going to be sidelined for a long period of time. Utley has never played in the outfield, to the best of his recollection, but is open to the idea.

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