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Scream for Wins
Certain sports teams have had a song with which they have been associated. I can remember as a child the 1980 Phillies aptly celebrating their World Series victory to "Celebrate" by Kool & The Gang. As an even younger child I can remember "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge accompanying the Pittsburgh Pirates of the 1970's. At roughly the same time I was entering puberty (some of my best friends will say I haven't left it yet), rap was entering into American pop culture and the great 1985 Chicago Bears team did the "Super Bowl Shuffle". Of today's sports, probably the most appropriate relationship between a team and a song would be the intro to the Law & Order television series and the Baltimore Ravens.

If a song was associated to the 2004 Philadelphia Phillies, what would it be? Several days ago I suggested Bobby Brown was probably going through Larry Bowa's head, but as the Phillies head to Houston to take on the Astros for a three game set, Ben Arthur's "Keep Me Around" might be emanating from the cabin speakers in the team's chartered jet:

Knit a sweater of my hair
String a necklace of teeth
Or just lean me there
On the backporch where
I can feel the breeze

Keep me around
My whole life long
And when I’m gone
Don’t you bury my bones
Keep me around

It’s not that I’m jealous
I’d jut make a lovely stand for umbrellas
And you can toss your keys
Into the caps of my knees
When you come back from town

Pickle my fingers in liquor
Leave them roll in a drawer
And you can hang your clothes
From hooks made of my toes
On the back of the door

Keep me around
Summer is contemplating about fading into autumn and those of us that follow the Phillies are beginning to contemplate about our fantasy football drafts. If the Phils are going to make us phorget about who to take with our first pick, they need to sweep the Astros just like they swept the Brewers because the Phillies arrived in Houston 8.5 games behind the Atlanta Braves in the NL East and 6 games behind the two-man team known as the San Francisco Giants. On paper the pitching matchups do not favor the Phils Monday night with Corey Lidle taking on Roger Clemens, Tuesday night the odds get a bit better with Brett Myers facing Carlos Hernandez and on Wednesday with Eric Milton against Peter Munro.

Incidentally, if you are wondering what will grace the album cover of the 2004 Phillies soundtrack, look no further, Brown just delivered it to my doorstep:

The Scream by Edvard Munch

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