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Monday night the Rockies managed to outscore the Phillies, 4-2 at Citizens Bank Park. Eric Milton turned in a good performance, surrendering only one run (a solo home run) in 7 innings while striking out 8 and walking only 2. Todd Jones, aquired at the trade deadline, has pitched well for the Phillies, but tonight was an exception. Jones took the loss, blowing a 2-1 lead in the 8th inning. Jones will get much of the attention for this loss, because he blew the lead late in the game, but the Phillies hitting should be labeled the real culprit, going 1 for 9 with runners in scoring position.

Poor hitting with runners in scoring position has been a well-chronicled problem since the season started. Lets take a look at the following season totals and rankings for the Phillies in the National League:

Runs Scored - 550, 4th
On-base % - .343, 4th
BA w/ RISP - .243, 14th
LOB - 873, 2nd worst

The Phillies have scored a fair number of runs this season, largely due to their large number of home runs, 147 (third in NL), a large percentage of which are solo home runs. But if the team would rank even middle of the pack in terms of batting average with runners in scoring position, their run total would be much higher, creating a larger run differential and therefore more of what really counts, wins.

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