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As was reported in last night's game Geoff Geary was demoted to AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in order to make room for Felix Rodriguez, who finally joined the team after the birth of his third child. Many phans are hoping Geary finds a day job...

...As a general rule, I try and avoid information such as this because I am usually disappointed to learn something I wish I hadn't. But in the case of the "Fund Watch" over at Your Thoughts Exactly, I can't help but be curious. There are a few leanings there that I would not have guessed...

...Speaking of Felix Rodriguez, he had this to say after coming to the Phillies from the San Francisco Giants: "The Giants are a good team. The Phillies are a good team. It's about the same." The same? Let's hope you never blow a lead in Philadelphia and find out just how different things really are. But, he certainly demonstrated that he has some sense of perspective, "I'm not worried about money. I grew up with nothing, and right now I'm living a better life."

...Originally, Balls, Sticks, & Stuff was going to contain matters of all kinds, commentary on sports...and other stuff too, just like it says in the header. I still intend for it to be that way, but the Phillies have taken a stranglehold on my focus with the recent dramatics of the trade deadline and "Fire Bowa" talk. For some reason, baseball lends itself much better to "blogging" than other areas of sport do, particularly golf. But recently I discovered two websites that manage to marry the two (blolfing? glogging?) nicely. The Legend of Blogger Vance and Grouchy Golf Observations are well worth the mouse clicks...

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