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Myers as a closer
An interesting article on noted that Brett Myers may be better suited for closer role.

While he may seem to have a make-up for that, most of his troubles have come from an inability to locate his pitches. A simple move to the bullpen would not necessarily fix that.

Statistically, however, most of his trouble comes in innings 4-6, but he doesn't exactly light the world on fire in the first inning, either. Batters hit him to the tune of .273 the first inning.

Myers' 2004 has not - as can be said for the entire rotation - gone according to plan. Coming into the season, he was thought of by many as perhaps the best fifth starter not named Clement.

You have to give him credit, he's been consistent. Consistently bad. Other than May, when he posted a 2.96 ERA, he has not had a month in which he had lower than a 5.01 mark. Horrendous. And, that 5.01 ERA is in the current month of August. Tonight, he squares off with the equally combustible Carlos Hernandez in Houston.

Just as bad, Myers is actually second among the Phillies starters in ERA this month. Only Vicente Padilla and his 4.76 August mark rate better. Milton is at 5.11, Wolf 5.29 and Lidle (7.08) must be gunning to match his shoe size.

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