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September 3, 2004
Bill Clinton suffered a heart attack and is slated to have bypass surgery. Since the situation seems to be stabilized....Show of hands, who had today in the "Bill Clinton to Have Bypass Surgery" Pool? And am I the only one that thinks he might be faking it in order to get out of going on a trip with Hillary?

September 2, 2004
A few days ago I received an invite to Gmail, Google's attempt at web-based email. So far, the concept seems to be excellent. I have a set of friends that likes to exchange emails for days on end, with each email attempting to outdo the harrassing insults of the previous one (great friends right?) or talk trash, and the manner in which Gmail groups emails together in a "converation" format is perfect. If you can get your hands on an invite, I highly recomment it.

August 30, 2004...
...The Pearly Gates points out a column on lamenting the shrinking attendance figures at Turner Field despite the Braves success this year (both an annual phenomenon) and ponders the root cause. It's something I have always wondered about as well. The best answer I can come up with is that the only thing Southerners even begin to approach fanatacism on is being Southerners. College football is a close second and third comes NASCAR. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy living in the South amongst Southerners, they are a good people, but I think they are just too laid back to perseverate over a team the way Northeasterners can.

...When you have a videotape, why is DNA needed? "Well Mrs. Wilson, we have been able to positively identify the fecal matter that hit you in the head, and it was from Boyd Tinsley and not Dave Matthews."

...Tony Kornheiser is reminded of scenes from Old School while watching Olympic gymanstics. I can't believe I didn't think of that, Paul Hamm sucking on a Marlboro while on the rings should have come to mind immediately. Maybe that humorous image will help me forget about the 47 hours of Olympic coverage residing on my Replay TV hard drive recorded by The Missus, leaving little room for Baseball Tonight and Decisive Battles.

August 29, 2004...
...An interesting discussion has developed over a post at Shallow Center regarding the re-emergence of R.E.M. To this day, whenever I hear any song from R.E.M.'s Automatic for the People, I am automatically (of course) reminded of sophomore year of college.

...Michael Berquist of A Citizen's Blog fame is turning his attention to the Eagles, with an analysis of the Eagles defense. Long live Jim Johnson.

...Thirty-five years ago today, the Internet was created. However, this account makes no mention of Al Gore being there at the time.

...The Chicago Tribune previews the fall prime time TV schedule on the major networks. Some of it may end up being entertaining to watch, but in the end isn't everyone's interest in non-sports television 'mezza morta' until The Sopranos returns?

...For those of you that are afraid of (or looking forward to) the Republican Convention in New York City turning into a car crash, you can crane your neck at GOP and the City, a blog written by a "Missouri-born, Tennessee-raised, New York-Republican" volunteering at the convention.

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