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Lineup Roulette
You're the manager of a baseball team and your offense has been weak for weeks. You shuffle the team's lineup, moving players around in the order, and your team scores 15 runs in a game. In the very next game, what would you do? If you say you would repeat the lineup, then you would be just plum wrong and don't know what you are talking about. Larry Bowa on the other hand is a real life bona fide major league baseball manager and he knew the right thing to do was trash the lineup that scored 15 runs the night before and try a different lineup. OK, you might say, well at least he'll use the same players and just re-order them in the lineup. But no, no, says Larry Bowa, that's crazy talk, lets bench the rookie that hit a home run last night and start the career bench player with a career .665 OPS in his place.

Use the same lineup that scored 15 runs?!?
Thats crazy talk.

Needless to say, Bowa's strategy did not work out as he had hoped and the Phillies lost to the Rockies Thursday night, 3-1. On the mound, Corey Lidle made his debut in a Phillies uniform. Pitching on only three days rest and in unfamiliar surroundings, Lidle performed adequately, allowing only two runs in 5 innings. The loss dropped the Phillies to seven games behind the Braves, an almost insurmountable lead. Fortunately the Cubs lost as well, allowing the Phillies to remain "only" 3.5 games behind.

Friday night the Phillies will begin a 3 game series against Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants, one of the Phillies primary competitors in the Wild Card standings. With each day that passes, accumulating wins becomes more and more important.

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