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I Like Being Right...
...But what I don't like so much is finding out that Larry Bowa has a sidekick/henchman in John Vukovich.

"We agreed we could no longer stand Bowa or his sidekick, third-base coach John Vuckovich."

Tyler Houston has been writing a column every Sunday in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. In the August 1st edition, Houston confirms nearly everything I've espoused about in Larry Bowa (here, here, here, here, and any number of other places). I liked Larry Bowa as a player and I hate to see his baseball career end like this. Hopefully, when he is dismissed either today or next week or in October, we can get back to remembering Larry Bowa the Starting Shortstop on the World Champion 1980 Phillies more clearly than we remember Larry Bowa the Manager of the Underacheiving 2003 and 2004 Phillies.

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