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Go Ahead and Live a Little
Those of you who are married will know what I mean. When your wife (or husband I suppose) is away, you do things you wouldn't normally do if she was around. No, not 976 numbers, just little things. You might watch a little more History Channel. Or you might ponder ways to buy a new driver without her (or his) knowledge or watch the first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan with the volume on the home theater system turned up so loud you find yourself diving under the coffee table to take cover. Just little things. Or you might eat a footlong meatball sub from Subway (I think tommorrow night's fare will be Cheeburger Cheeburger). And of course you spend a little more time on the web. This evening I came across the aptly named Baseball Desert, a weblog written by an English baseball fan living in France. Baseball Desert in turn led me to The Vendor Chronicles, a weekly column on by an actor/writer/ballpark vendor. Stop by and check them out as both are entertaining.

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