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The Glass is Still Half Full
Some might view this post from yesterday as overly optimistic, and another point of view might be that it went to far out on a limb and set the Phillies up for a loss Friday night. But fortunately, the Phillies continued their win streak, tying their longest win streak of the year by beating Eric Gagne and the Dodgers in extra innings, 9-5. While the fatigued bullpen did not perform as well as it had in earlier games in the win streak (Tim Worrell blew a 1-run lead in the ninth, it was his fourth night in a row on the mound), it did manage to hold the Dodgers scoreless in the two extra frames.

A Phillies victory in Saturday's contest would be quite impressive, given that Phillies starter Paul Abbott rarely goes deep into games and the Phillies bullpen has been put into use considerably recently due to extra innings games and Kevin Millwood's premature departure Thursday night due to injury.

Reasons for optimism still exist - Phillies Fan makes the following comparison to 1980:
2004 Phillies: 57 - 52
2004 Braves: 61-47
1980 Expos: 61-47
1980 Phillies: 57-52

It is a bit premature to que "Celebrate" by Kool & the Gang, but it is reason for hope.

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