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Fair Warning
Sometime in the next few days Balls, Sticks, & Stuff will begin to display posts from a guest columnist, my brother Geoff G. (no, not Geary). Presently, the B.,S., & S. Security Team is vetting him in order to give him his final credentials. They are just a step below Jimmy Kimmel's Uncle Frank on the competency scale, so please bear with us.

In the meantime, to give you a sense of what you will be reading from Geoff, here are some lines culled from informal emails we have recently exchanged:

...I think the Fish just got Bowa (or L-Bo if you like the ARod, IRod thing) fired...The Phightin' Phils need to trade for three new starters and three new relievers (at least) to get back in the race. Millwood is horrendous, Myers is a disaster, and Abbott, there aren't even words to describe the levels of suck he has achieved...In the pen, Roberto Hernandez blows more leads than the 1919 White Sox, Wagner can't stay off the DL, and Geoff 'So bad I only pitch when we're down six' Geary actually lowered his ERA the other day by giving up two runs in three innings...

Insightful, concise, just like Ron Burgundy. Hit "refresh" a few times, you don't want to miss his debut.

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