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Disturbing Trend # 367
In today's Philadelphia Daily News Marcus Hayes points out yet another disturbing trend for the Phillies:
Asked whether he was overtired or hurt, Worrell, 37, replied: "I'm not hurt. And [fatigue] isn't anything I haven't dealt with at this time of the year before."
Which raises an interesting observation. Last season, Worrell's earned run average in his first 50 games was 2.03; in his last 26, it was 7.80. Worrell hit game No. 52 on Friday.

A quick check of Worrell's numbers for 2001 and 2002 do not indicate fatigue as the year wears on, but keep in mind, Worrell is 37 now, older than he has ever been before. So while he may have been able to pitch through fatigue at the age of 34 and 35, it may be possible that he couldn't last year at the age of 36. We'll find out if he can at the age of 37.

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