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Balls Sticks & Stuff has mostly defended Ed Wade, but we are not drinking the Kool-Aid so much as to think Ed Wade is the best general manager in baseball, far from it. But if you would like to read a bit about one of the best - if not the best - general manager in baseball, direct yourself to Athletics Nation's three part interview with Billy Beane. If only the Phillies had such creative and forward thinking as this:
Blez: Are you concerned about injury problems with Huddy with that recurring oblique?

BB: That thing has popped up two different years. When it happened again, especially around that time of the season, it really raised everybody’s eyebrows and Timmy’s included. It’s strange to have everything else be healthy and then the hip be such an issue. The reason it has injuries is because he is so powerful. He’s so strong with his hip rotation and his drive. Rick Peterson measured it at the institute and he has the most powerful hip rotation in the league and because of that, that hip breaks down. We actually ordered a machine. It’s probably going to be named the Hudson Machine now. It’s a machine that specifically targets that area of the body. We realized that it’s like Achilles, to be so good and so powerful and have one small area of the body break down. And with this most recent injury, we were really conservative. That’s why we were slow to have him return. We were very concerned and that’s why we went out and ordered a big contraption to have it taken care of it for the rest of his career. We’ll cross our fingers.
Of course, if the Phillies were to acquire a contraption to manage the careers of their pitchers, it would be a Lobotomy Machine.

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