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@ The Berks Phillies Fans have returned. While the primary contributor J. Michael Weitzel has not given up on the Phillies, it seems he has given up on the single life. Stop by and pad his hit counter.

@ An interesting discussion involving strikeout ridden lineups has evolved over at The Phillies Fan. Anyone who has spent a cold February evening with Diamond Mind Baseball should check it out.

@ A Citizen's Blog runs his regular sabermetrically oriented statistics report for the Phillies. Despite their poor won/loss record over the past month, their offensive statistics aren't too...offensive.

@ Fire Bowa presents the best Phillies of all time in the format of a 40-man roster. If you are still change the channel when Scott Rolen comes to bat, you may want to stay away.

@ Phinally, Balls, Sticks, & Stuff recently discovered Blowa. Earmuffs boys and girls, earmuffs.

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