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A Small Victory
Tonight's lineup uses the Florida Marlin's broadcast network audio and video.  All night their audio has been picking up a Marlin fan who is quite enthusiastic in his heckling of the Phillies batters.  In the top of the seventh, Mike Lieberthal comes to the plate with two outs and Chase Utley on first.  Joe Marlinfan begins bellowing, "Thirty seven RBI's all year?!? Are you kidding me?!? C'mon!  Are you serious?!?!"  Apparently Joe Marlinfan is not a Balls, Sticks, & Stuff reader or he would know Lieby was due (OK, OK, OK, so anyone that saw it knew that Utley scored not because of a hard drive to the gap but because of some "just tried to give it 110%"-type baserunning, but can't phans bask in a little glory in this Florida series?).   During the Phillies brief attempt at a rally in the top of the eighth inning, Joe Marlinfan's silence was deafening.  Do small victories count in the standings?

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