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A Picture Says a Thousand Words
As I stated yesterday, Ryan Madson has been doing an extraordinary job for the Phillies in terms of coming into the game in the middle innings, and I am not the only one who has noticed (see here and here, and that's just a start).  Coincidentally, at approximately the same time I was formulating that post, the Phillies found themselves in a little predicament in the top of the 5th inning, down 4-2 with Fish on first and third with no outs, Randy Wolf was pulled and replaced with....Geoff Geary (6.67  ERA, 19 K, 27 IP, not exactly stellar, and while we are at it, doesn't his headshot on Sportsline have a "deer in headlights look"?).  Let's just say that an entire school of Fish invaded the basepaths and 5 more runs scored, with the Marlins up 9-2.  The Phillies went on to score 6 more runs as the game progressed, eventually losing 10-8.  I think it is worth considering that if Bowa had brought in Madson in the 5th and if he had shut the Marlins down for several innings, the Phillies might have been able to pull ahead.

That's a lot of "ifs" and "might's", but sometimes a couple of "ifs" can pan out and you turn a sure loss into a win.  With the manner in which this division race is developing, each and every chance at a win is important.

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