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Go Dukes!
No, that isn't a rallying cry for Bo and Luke, its a rallying cry for James Madison University's athletic teams.  I had six great years there (1991-1997, the first four having a lot of fun as an undergrad, and the last two in graduate school) and I couldn't help but smile when I read Jayson Stark's latest Rumblings & Grumblings when he discusses the Braves need for some left-handed help in the bullpen: 

"But if they can't make a deal, they might promote prospect Dan Meyer, who rolled up 101 whiffs in his first 80 innings at Double-A and Triple-A."

In March, two of my best friends and I took an extended weekend in Florida to catch several spring training games and we managed to exchange a few words of encouragement with Meyer, a fellow JMU alum.  Several times he called us "sir", which had both an impressive effect and a depressive effect at the same time.  The moment reminded me quite a bit of a book I read last year as I was closing out my twenties, The Day I Turned Uncool, and I thought, "When did I become a 'sir' to professional baseball players?"

At any rate, good luck making "the show" Dan, and Go Dukes!

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