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I've questioned a lot about Larry Bowa this year, from his managerial moves to his managerial style, and I think he is the wrong manager for the Phillies.  Daily we hear quotes from players, anonymously or unanonymously that voice their displeasure in Bowa's style and moves.  And it doesn't take a lot of effort to find statistical evidence to support the fact the the Phillies have achieved a high level of underachievement this year.  The Phillies rank twenty-second on's MLB Relative Power Index (a measure that takes into account a team's winning percentage compared to their opponents winning percentage) despite having the third easiest schedule in baseball.  But despite all of this, I have resigned myself to the fact that Phillies phans and players will be stuck with Bowa at least until the offseason because it seems that the Phillies front office believes it is unwise to switch managers in the middle of a tight pennant race, and I can see their point.  But if the opinion piece by Mike Sielski at (link via Brian Peoples at The Philling Station) is correct, Bowa needs to be replaced now on the grounds of insubordination.  Sielski speculates that Larry Bowa's use of Geoff Geary in Thursday's loss to the Marlins was a way to send Ed Wade a message, "here's how bad our pitching is, now get us some help." 

I'm not sure which is worse, spontaneous ineptitude or premeditated ineptitude, but I know I liked Bowa a lot more when I naively assumed it was just the former. 

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