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The Balls, Sticks, & Stuff Mailbag
Letterman does it. Kornheiser and Wilbon do it. Bill Simmons does it better than anyone. What am I referring to? Answering viewers/readers correspondence in the form of a column or television segment. I've always found it entertaining, so I thought I would dip into the ol' Balls, Sticks, & Stuff mailbag and answer some correspondence from readers...

Subject: vicodin for hte pain
Body: Buy Vicodin ONLINE from our ONLINE pharmacy. No Doctors appointments. No medical history. No prescription needed. Twice as potent as regular codeine!

Wow, thanks Humberto, it's awfully nice of you to offer. I'll pass for now, but can you email me again in September when the Phillies go 0-12 against division rivals to finish a game out of the wildcard? Thanks.

Subject: No gimmicks here, just great rates
Body: Are you looking to re-finance your home? How would you like to bring down your payment to about 350 a month? We will match you with an experienced lender. Or for other Loan purposes: Refi with cash-out!

Wow, thanks Akbar. I think I'll pass. Also, if you wouldn't mind, please do not send this to Ed Wade or Phillies ownership. I don't want them to get some crazy idea like mortgaging the team's future and make a trade they might regret, like giving up Madson, Floyd, Hamels, or Utley.
Subject: cease and desist
Body: For the last time, Doug Glanville and Larry Bowa DO NOT have compr0mising photographs of me and even if they did, all of my moves are made according to due diligence, not blackmail. If you continue to send emails asking about the content of the alleged photos, I will be forced to contact my attorney.

Wow, thanks Ed. I guess we can put that to rest. I apologize, I just figured that there had to be some reason why Glanville was still on the roster and Larry Bowa was still at the helm.

Well, thats all the letters we have time for today, check back for more mailbag posts!

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